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Notice: MYOB has been re-branded as ABSS with effect from 1st Jan 2018.

To Do List in MYOB

MYOB's To Do List contains list of reminders to perform business tasks. At a glance, who owes you money, when to re-order stocks, when to re-contact a customer, and more.

MYOB's To Do List is a great tool to help manage your business.

Displaying MYOB's To Do List

To access the to do list, click the button at the bottom left of the MYOB Command Centre

MYOB To Do List

You can also set the To Do List to be displayed when you open your MYOB data file

To set this option, click on Setup then Preferences from the top menu

MYOB Preferences

Next, select the Windows tab, then select "Display To Do List When Starting MYOB...."

MYOB Preferences


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