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Notice: MYOB has been re-branded as ABSS with effect from 1st Jan 2018.

MYOB Custom Lists & Fields

MYOB knows that one shoe does not fit all. While MYOB is a generic accounting solution, it still has features that allow it's users to personalise MYOB to their requirements.

For example, if you are an automible service centre for example, you may require industry specific fields such as make and model of car, registration number, year of manufacture, along with the details of your customer. MYOB does not provide for fields like this by default, but you can make use of the custom lists and fields to record and track information like this.

MYOB has 3 custom fields and 3 custom lists that you can use. These can be used for your customers, suppliers and inventory records.

Custom Lists are different from Custom Fields in that you create a list that the user will select for Custom Lists, but for Custom Fields, the user enters a value. From the above example, the make and model would be from Custom Lists, because there would be common makes like Nissan, Toyota, etc. For registration numbers however, you would use a custom field because every vehicle would have a different registration number.

To start using these, the first step is to create a meaningful name for the labels so that whoever uses MYOB understands what information the field is supposed to contain. By default, the labels show "Custom List #1", "Custom List #2", "Custom Field #1".

To change names for these labels, click on "Lists", then point to "Custom List and Field Names". You have the option to change:

  • Price levels (MYOB Premier only)
  • Items, and,
  • Card file
    • Customers
    • Suppliers
    • Employees
    • Personal

For this example, we are going to show you how to change the name of the first custom list label to Location so that we can group customers according to where they are located.


MYOB Custom Lists & Fields Names


  • Click on Lists
  • Point to Custom List & Field Name
  • Click on Customers


MYOB Custom Lists - Default Field Name


As shown in the image above, the default name for the first custom list is "Custom List #1". Click in this field and change it to "Location", then click the OK button.


MYOB Custom Lists - New Field Name


Next we need to create a list of locations that the user can select from

  • Click on Lists
  • Point to Custom Lists
  • Click on Customers

In the Custom List dropdown field, select "Location" as shown below, then click the New button. Type in the name of the location, then click OK. If you wish to add more locations, click the New button instead. This will add your entry and then allow you to add the next record.

You have now created a custom list for location and are ready to group your customers.

In the MYOB Command Centre, click on Card File, then Card List. Click on the Customer tab, then click New.

Add the customer's details in the profile tab as you normally would. When complete, click on the Card Details tab. Note the label for the first custom list shows "Location". Click there and select the location you wish to group this customer under.

Now that you have grouped your customers, you can generate reports filtered by location. For example, you wish to generate a Sales Reconciliation Detail report for customers in Petaling Jaya only.

Click on Reports, then Index To Reports (short cut Ctrl + I). Select the Sales tab, then select Reconciliation Detail and click the Customise button. Notice the label just below the Customers field shows Location. You can select a location for which you want the report from here.

If you wish to have the location printed on the report, in the Report Customisation window, click the Report Fields tab, scroll down and you will see Location. Select this to have it printed out on the report


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