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What is GAF?

What is a GAF file and why is it important?

Customs Malaysia conducts periodic Audits to ensure that tax returns are submitted correctly. This is where the GST Audit File or GAF is required.

A GAF file contains a breakdown of transactions, and it is crucial that the information submitted to Customs is complete, accurate and in the format specified, which is either XML or Bar-Delimited.

Because of the format specified for the GAF, it would be tedious, if not impossible to prepare manually when required.

Contents of a Bar-Delimited file would look like this:

C|Clearwater Sdn Bhd|200104210-H||01-01-2014|16-12-2014|16-12-2014|MYOB Premier for Windows Malaysia Release Version 15|GAFv1.0.0| S|A-Z Stationery Pte Ltd||15-01-2014|00000003|1|Cooler Filter Medium|446.00|26.76|SR||XXX|0.00|0.00| S|A-Z Stationery Pte Ltd||15-01-2014|00000003|2|Sun Cooler Gift|10.00|0.60|SR||XXX|0.00|0.00| L|01-01-2014|1-1120|Motor Vehicle Acc Dep|OPENING BALANCE|||||0.00|0.00|-3745.00| L|02-02-2014|1-1120|Motor Vehicle Acc Dep|Depreciation for Feb 05||44|GJ000002|General Journal|0.00|110.00|-3855.00| L|01-01-2014|1-2110|General Cheque Account|OPENING BALANCE|||||0.00|0.00|303152.20| F|0|0.00|0.00|2|456.00|27.36|186|915902.04|915902.04|172605006.92|

The file is based on entries found in the General Ledger together with information of customers and suppliers, and includes details of invoices, orders, payments and adjustments.

Information in the GAF is organised as follows:


CInformation about the business
P Purchase transactions
SSales transactions
LGeneral Ledger transactions


In MYOB, you can easily generate the GST Audit File with the necessary information and submit it by uploading the file to the Customs portal as and when required

To generate GAF in MYOB, open your company file, then click on Accounts, Generate GAF. In the next screen, key in the date range, then click on Disk to save the file to your computer.

Be sure to make a note of where on your computer you save the GAF file.


Generate GAF with MYOB


Generate GAF with MYOB


To submit the GAF to Customs, login to your account on the portal and upload the GAF file you saved from MYOB.


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